Well: Hospital Infections With C. Difficile Level Off

The incidence of the potentially deadly bacterial infection known as Clostridium difficile has leveled off in recent years.

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Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s 30-Minutes to Fitness Home Gym Intervals DVD

Kelly Coffey-Meyer's 30-Minutes to Fitness Home Gym Intervals DVD

  • Released 2014, this DVD from Kelly Coffey-Meyer includes TWO complete 30-minute workouts on one disc!
  • Home Gym Intervals maximizes the calorie-burning effect of these two highly effective cardio/sculpting workouts with only your cardio machine and some dumbbells.
  • Kelly's unique design of HGI will have you constantly moving from your Cardio to your dumbbells to keep you engaged and on your way to achieving a lean, fit physique in your own home.
  • This unique DVD utilizes the home cardio equipment you may have to add variety to your routine
  • This DVD several PREMIXES to enhance your fitness routine
30-Minutes to Fitness "Home Gym Intervals" has TWO COMPLETE 30-minute workouts which minimize the amount of equipment you need to set up and the length of time you need to spend doing it. HGI maximizes the calorie-burning effect of these two highly effective cardio/sculpting workouts with only your cardio machine and some dumbbells. No more long, boring, joint-stressing cardio workouts that bring little results. No more dragging out endless props that take up precious time and space. Kelly's

Price: $ 19.95

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Proform 14.0 CE Elliptical

Proform 14.0 CE Elliptical

  • iFit WIFI compatible
  • iPod compatible audio
  • Resistance 0-14%, Power adjustable stride (10-25 degrees), CoolAire workout fan
  • Power adjustable stride (10-25 degrees)
  • CoolAire workout fan
  • Elliptical trainer with inertia-enhanced 20-pound flywheel for smooth resistance
  • iFit Live mode uses Google Maps software to simulate terrain throughout the world
  • 18 built-in workout programs; power adjustable incline from 10 to 25 percent
  • iPod-compatible music port with 2-inch speakers; CoolAire workout fan
  • 300-pound capacity; oversized, cushioned pedals; lifetime frame warranty
Pro - Form Rear Elliptical 14.0 CE gets your whole body moving for calorie - crushing effectiveness! Get a low-impact workout in the convenience of your living room or den... no more expensive gym memberships necessary! The Pro-Form Rear Eliptical Machine simulates a running motion without the pounding on your joints. And unlike a treadmill, you've got two soft-touch upper body grips that pull back and forth to promote full-body action. Plus, 16 preset workouts give you the variety you need to k

List Price: $ 999.99 Price: $ 699.99

Program offers post-9/11 veterans fitness, nutrition and counseling

Program offers post-9/11 veterans fitness, nutrition and counseling
Army veteran Thea Ashton runs on an anti-gravity treadmill in Florida Gulf Coast University's exercise science department on Wednesday, September 10, 2014. Ashton is participating in the Warrior Health & Fitness Challenge, a wellness program for veterans.
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Capital Playbook: Cuomo's debate lunge
To fight the fat, Inspector Ellen Chang — a triathlete — ordered her chunky charges to pony up $ 30 each to outfit their East 12th Street headquarters with a stationary bike, a treadmill, a StairMaster and 350 pounds of free weights.” http://bit.ly …
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Jeff Hobbs: A testament to courage
Hobbs uses special workout equipment, including the Alter G anti-gravity treadmill and the Hydroworx underwater treadmill. Both pieces of equipment decrease the force of weight on his feet, Rokes said. Rokes, who is very aware of Hobbs' tendency toward …
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Road to half Ironman has been a bumpy ride
I went to the gym, because at 5 p.m. it was still 100 degrees outside, and found a treadmill. I tightened the strap and started. (Again, I had really low hopes.) One pain-free mile became two. Two pain-free miles became three, etc., etc. Soon, I had …
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SPRI Xertube Resistance Band Exercise Cords with Door Attachment (Sold Individually)

SPRI Xertube Resistance Band Exercise Cords with Door Attachment (Sold Individually)

  • High-quality rubber material offers progressive resistance
  • Perfect for travel, gym, or in-home use
  • Helps you isolate target muscles more effectively
  • Tube Lengths: Very Light/Light = 44" -- Medium = 50" -- Heavy/Ultra Heavy = 53"
  • Available 5 levels of resistance: Very Light (Yellow), Light (Green), Medium (Red), Heavy (Blue), and Ultra Heavy (Purple)

Why SPRI Xertube? The workout tool you can use anywhere, anytime! The original SPRI Xertube is created using a "dipped process" rather than the more common and inexpensive "extruded process" - making it one of the most durable and reliable tubes on the market! In fact, SPRI tubing is the professional’s choice and is preferred by instructors, clubs, and health club members. The handle plug, protective sleeve and grommet reinforcement features also contribute to making SPRI the tubing prod

List Price: $ 28.69 Price:

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